Holly Harrington // 韓荷麗
Holly Harrington // 韓荷麗
The woman. The website. The legend.


A selection of professional experiences, with a focus on the Taiwan startup ecosystem and economy, Taiwan travel and tourism, and various creative projects.

Taiwan Startup Stadium

Taiwan's premier global startup hub, tasked with enabling Taiwan startups to become more competitive internationally, thus boosting the Taiwan startup ecosystem. At launch, I developed the TSS branding & online content, including the official website, social media, and graphic design, and later became responsible for programs such as Accelerator Bootcamp and 42 Beta Accelerator. These days, I hold down the fort and look to the future as General Manager (總經理) and Co-Founder of our parent company, Everiii.

Startup Digest Taipei

Curator for the Taipei edition of Startup Digest, a weekly digest of events & information about the Taipei startup scene. 

Forward Taiwan

Official website, social media, communications, and event planning for Forward Taiwan's campaign to improve Taiwan's immigration laws and efforts to attract international talent.


Love, Dadaocheng (on indefinite hiatus)

Personal photo essay project to highlight Taipei's historic Dadaocheng district.

Love by Worship, by Mickeyman

Chinese-to-English translation for  manga artist Mickeyman's October 2014 publication, Love by Worship, a Dadaocheng love story.

Walkr App

Chinese-to-English translation of Fourdesire's award-winning iOS app, Walkr, launched July 2014, as well as subsequent updates.

WhatsTheNumber (acquired)

Content marketing, social media, and product planning for the WhatsTheNumber app.

Nonzero 非零

Social media consulting, including photography & content creation.

Nonzero Facebook

Janet Hsieh

Online portfolio building for TLC travel host. 

TLC Asia

Television writing for the Fun Taiwan All-Stars (瘋台灣全明星) travel series and a forthcoming cooking program.

Additionally: on-site interpreter and travel guide.

StorySense Computing (acquired)

Translation and online marketing consulting, as well as product planning & coding for AI-related content.



Translation and social media consulting.


Director of Marketing, responsible for branding, product positioning, and crowdfunding campaign.


Vision Creator television studio

Cloud services implementation & corporate training.